Sports Mouthguards Can Protect Your Smile

If you're an athlete or have a child who plays sports, you know how important it is to protect your teeth and gums during high-impact activities. Thankfully, a professional sports mouthguard can help you do just that. To further enhance this protection, consider upgrading to a custom-made athletic mouth guard. Designed to fit the exact contours of your mouth, these guards offer superior comfort and protection compared to off-the-shelf options.

How do sports mouthguards work and what are their benefits?

A high-quality sports mouthguard is a custom-made, thermoplastic appliance that comfortably and snuggly covers a patient’s teeth and gums.

Benefits of professional sports mouthguards include:

  • Protection from concussion and other head injuries
  • Reduced risk of tooth loss
  • Reduced risk of jaw fractures
  • Reduced risk of cuts and bruises to the lips, cheeks, and tongue.

How are professional sports mouthguards made and how do they compare to store-bought versions?

After an impression of your mouth is taken with putty-like material that hardens and provides our lab professionals with an exact replica of your teeth and gums, the model is used to create your comfortable, custom-fitted sports mouthguard. This precise process ensures that your athletic mouth guard not only fits perfectly but also maximizes protection against impacts.

Unlike “boil and bite” over-the-counter versions, professional mouthguards are made to fit your teeth and gums perfectly, to withstand significant sports-related impact, and they reduce the likelihood that you’ll experience common dental injuries like tooth chips, cracks, fractures, and even concussions.

If you have questions about professional sports mouthguards and whether they’re right for you or someone you love, call our friendly team today!

man wearing sports mouthgaurds

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  • Protect your mouth from potential damage caused by impact
  • Avoid unnecessary fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, and more
  • Experience a secure, customized fit
  • Minimize your risk of concussion
  • Prioritize your oral health!

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