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“Dr. Patel and his staff were all awesome! I was living in the Lisle area for the summer from Utah and needed a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Dr. Patel was always friendly and compassionate. He did a great job. I only wish he was here in Utah! Highly recommend!!”


“I recently changed dentists and chose Advanced Dental in Lisle due to the proximity and BOY I am so glad I did. Dr. Patel is really a fine dentist, very personable and his staff is great. My appointment was on time and the dental work was top shelf. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and his team.”


“Top notch dentist! Dr. Patel and staff made me feel comfortable and ensured my anxiety was eased. The staff made all my appointments convenient for me and made an on the spot emergency appointment due to a broken tooth. I walked in without insurance and walked out with an affordable payment plan and an insurance plan that was comparable to the industry standard. I definitely recommend his services!”


“Dr. Patel is very nice and good at what he does. I like to tell people he rebuilt my mouth because he basically did. If you’re nervous or uncomfortable about going to the dentist, he's your man. Anxiety or nervousness can be checked at the door. I also feel like he's in it to make me feel good and not just for the money, I know a lot of people have concerns that dentists try to sell you stuff you could do without, but Dr. Patel isn't that guy. I've been seeing him for over 5 years and can't imagine ever switching. He has an excellent chairside manner and works very quickly, especially when it's a less than comfortable procedure, and that keeps his well taken care of happy patient.”


“Dr. Patel is amazing! Advanced Lisle Dental was my first time back to a dentist after years of being scared by them. He really made me feel safe and relaxed. I got a root canal done and it was 100% painless and very quick. The doctor really knows how to make you feel comfortable and rocks at what he does. He cares about his patients and doesn't see them as just dollar signs. This will definitely be my go-to for dental care in the future!”


“Dr. Patel is a doctor that puts you first as a patient. He is very trustworthy. You can tell that he just cares about what is best for you. After going through breast cancer treatments in 2014, I found out that the chemo therapy I had weakened and damaged my teeth. He was very sensitive to what needed to be done and what didn't. He made a very difficult time in my life a little easier. Over all a great dentist.”


“The staff at Advanced Lisle Dental are wonderful. They are very friendly, informative, and comforting. I’m extremely happy with the work they have done and the office is inviting and modern. I definitely recommend them.”


“Dr. Patel is awesome, he totally changed my opinion about dentists. My experience with dentists was super bad, getting a root canal done was a nightmare until I met Dr. Patel and team. Thanks a ton, doctor for doing a painless root canal.”


“I love, love this office! Doc and his staff are truly amazing, I'm so at home when I walk in the door. I will be back for many years to come, thanks Advanced Lisle Dental.”


“Such a great dentist and staff! They go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable and happy with their work! So glad after many bad dentist experiences I found a great and affordable one!”


“Finally found a Great Dentist and Staff; After many bad experiences, this place I will call home for my dentistry. The first root canal, the day after no pain, no pain during the procedure. Awesome. It did help that we could watch TV all day. ☺ Very Happy Patient.”


"Let me begin by saying that I am terrified of dentists. So much so that I started a crown 6 years ago and after the first appointment, never went back. It was that same tooth so many years and much pain later that brought me to Advanced Lisle Dental. I was calling around to feel out different offices and when I called A.L.D. Nicole answered the phone. She immediately didn't make me feel stupid or silly for my fears--she connected with me, telling me that she understood and the Dr. Patel would take great care of me with zero pressure and total transparency. So, after years of suffering....I made the appointment. My first appt was a consultation to set up a plan to get my mouth healthy again. First up was a deep cleaning and extraction to start the implant process on the before mentioned tooth. They laid it all out for me...timelines, possible discomfort, pricing, and exactly what each procedure would entail. Rachel, Dr. Patel's assistant, couldn't have been more forthcoming with any information I would need and also asked me what my budget was. It was a HUGE relief leaving that day knowing I had a plan to make my mouth healthy again! Today I am posting because this morning I had the extraction and deep cleaning done. I couldn't be happier with how today went!! Knowing my fear and how much anxiety I had--the whole office was prepared for me...they put on some TV for me to watch, took their time letting me numb up, kept checking in with me and truly rallied around me when I was about to lose it. They allowed me to stop when I needed a break and never made me feel silly for holding my dad's hand through the whole thing. The battled a horrible tooth and through the whole thing, all I felt pressure...but it was great to hear "Property Brothers" on in the back ground and the calming voices of Nicole and Rachel ensuring me I was doing great (when I really am a tough patient!). Dental work isn't easy and it isn't cheap...but Advanced Lisle Dental makes it all worth it. I trust everyone there when I have never trusted a dentist ever. They are true blessings to me and hope you give them a chance to change your opinion on dentists as well!!"

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"Dr. Patel and his staff were all awesome! I was living in the Lisle area for the summer from Utah and needed a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Dr Patel was always friendly and compassionate. He did a great job. I only wish he was here in Utah! Highly recommend!!"

Jade D Jade D.

"I've really enjoyed going to Dr. Patel's office since moving to the suburbs. I would recommend him to anyone. His staff is courteous and makes scheduling easy. He is complimentary, gentle, and really shows a lot of care for your dental health and smile satisfaction. After searching for a local dentist for a while, I'm very happy with my choice to go to Advanced Lisle Dental."

Korey A Korey A.

"Dr. Patel and his entire team is fabulous!!! They are knowledgeable, personable, and the medical expertise by Dr. Patel literally puts a smile on your face :) I have had a lot of dental work done and still need a lot more done and I would highly recommend Dr. Patel and his staff to family, friends, and anybody I know!"

Nadine O Nadine O.
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