Whats your Smile Worth to you!!!

Our jaws are not just for chewing, grinding, and tearing our food. They also help us swallow, breath, and enable us to speak properly. They also contribute to our basic oral health.

Orthodontic dentists know that when your jaw aligns properly, it’s called occlusion. Occlusion is when the relation of the teeth of both jaws when in functional contact during activity of the mandible. When your jaw does not fit correctly, it is referred as malocclusion. Two million Americans suffer from malocclusion. Braces or Invisalign can help correct the effects of malocclusion and other orthodontic problems.

For 20% of Americans, jaw problems are a handicap. For 5% of Americans, malocclusion can be considered a physical and mental hardship. Braces and orthodontics make is possible to eat, breathe, and communicate normally.

Braces can affect the quality of life in the most fundamental ways and give you the smile you always wanted to have.

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