Dentures—More Than Cosmetic

Your smile is your calling card. A radiant smile signifies youth and confidence. Nothing takes a toll on self-esteem like having few or no teeth. Our dental practice is committed to helping patients in this unfortunate situation. Patients who receive an attractive set of dentures report feeling younger, confident and more capable. They are more likely to smile and be social. One little dental appliance can make a big difference!

Dentures are removable sets of teeth, which allow patients to smile, talk and eat like everyone else. Many wrinkle their noses at the concept of dentures. They evoke proverbial images of awkward and oversized teeth soaking in a glass beside our grandparents’ beds. Come into the 21st century with dentures at our practice! Today’s dentures are lighter and much more natural-looking than the days of yesteryear. Dentures not only lend a more youthful appearance; they have a positive impact on health. Patients with little or no teeth are often limited to soft foods. With consultation and practice, those with dentures can enjoy a nutritious, varied diet.


Full vs. Partial Dentures

We offer full and partial dentures. Full dentures are ideal for those who have lost most or all their teeth due to age, disease or injury. Dental implants may be needed to work in conjunction with dentures to anchor them. Partial dentures are available to patients who have a few remaining teeth. The remaining teeth can help anchor the dentures in place, increasing their strength and stability. A partial denture’s purpose is not only to replace missing teeth; they also allow the patient to speak and chew in comfort and reduce chances of improper occlusion (bite alignment).

Modern dentures are constructed of acrylic and are tinted to blend with your natural gum color. Artificial teeth embedded in the base are durable, look natural and custom-fit to the dimensions of your mouth. The result is a striking, natural-looking smile that reflects all your best qualities!